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About me

My face

My name is Bùi Thành Nhân. I’m a Vietnamese web developer with a keen interest in DevOps.

When I’m not working, I tend to lurk around GitHub, go swimming, or try to get decent at DDR. I also recently got into fighting games. Give me a shout if you’re in Hồ Chí Minh City and would like some Street Fighter or Guilty Gear action! :)

About this blog

My mind is a sad mess that cannot hold much important/interesting information after a couple of months or so. This blog is where I write down interesting things I discover. On occasional bad days I might throw all my ramblings here too, but hopefully those will be rare.

This blog uses Pelican - a static site generator written in Python. The static files are hosted on Github Pages. All the markdown files can also be found on my github repo. The Pelican theme I wrote for this blog can be found here.

I always appreciate feedback or further discussion on my posts, so feel free to point out if you think I said something stupid. :)

What’s with the domain name?

I watched Triumph of the Nerds at a very impressionable age.

Want to hire me?

I try to keep my résumé as concise and up-to-date (and pretty) as possible, but if you’re into full-blown CVs, here it is.