Nerdy Weekly

Musings on the joy of computing... or lack thereof

About me

My face

My name is Bùi Thành Nhân. I’m a Vietnamese software developer with a keen interest in DevOps.

When I’m not working, I tend to lurk around GitHub, go swimming, or try to literally gamify my excercise plan (with questionable results). I also recently got into fighting games. Give me a shout if you’re in Hồ Chí Minh City and would like some Street Fighter or Guilty Gear action!

About this blog

My mind is a sad mess that cannot hold much important/interesting information after a couple of months or so. This blog is where I write down interesting things I discover. On occasional bad days I might throw all my ramblings here too, but hopefully those will be rare.

This blog is generated using Pelican and hosted on Github Pages. All the markdown files can also be found on my github repo. The Pelican theme I wrote for this blog can be found here.

I always appreciate feedback and further discussion on my posts, so feel free to point out if you think I said something stupid. :)

What’s with the domain name?

I watched Triumph of the Nerds at a very impressionable age and thought the word was cool. Now… you know what they say about unfortunate v1 naming decisions—they stick.

Want to hire me?

I try to keep my résumé as concise and up-to-date (and pretty) as possible, but if you’re into full-blown CVs, here it is.